i live in vancouver and sometimes i draw things
among other things, i really like mephisto, saul goodman, clark gregg, and will arnett.

Hello Tumblr,

Here is an INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN I think you all should take a look at.

These books are LOVELY and hand-made in Vancouver and sometimes even HAND-DELIVERED to their vendors and I really, really like them and, WOW GREAT DEALS- like the following:

Gift Pack w/ Brush Pen

For the cartoonist in your life, here’s an awesome gift pack: Two hardcover sketchbooks, two Student Edition/Manga Notebooks, and a brand new, sealed Daiso brush pen! Shipping to USA and Canada included!

(Those Daiso pens ARE great ;D)

ComicBlanks are sketchbooks with pre-printed comic panels! Designed for anybody planning a graphic novel or other visual art project, ComicBlanks sketchbooks are also perfect for comic jams and cartoon diaries.

The Indiegogo Campaign

We need to print a few hundred ComicBlanks sketchbooks to meet local retail demand for the Christmas season. If we print just enough to fill our current orders, we’ll break even. But if we increase our print run, we can produce the books at a much more cost-effective rate.

To significantly reduce our per-book costs, we need to spend an extra $2000 on this print run; we can currently meet $800 of this extra expense.

If we raise $1200, we’ll be able to not only lower our costs, but also acquire a modest inventory for future sales.

These sketchbooks make a great gift. If you live in Canada or the US, you can claim a perk in time for Christmas!

So you all should CHECK IT OUT!

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